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Alec Su posters


September 11, 1973

Birth Sign



5' 7¾" (1.72 m)


Alec Su (born on September 11, 1973 in Taipei, Taiwan) is a versatile Chinese singer and actor. His career started in 1988, at the age of 15, when he joined the Little Tigers (Xiao Hu Dui), which became the first idol singing group in the Taiwanese music industry. The trio's popularity was unprecedented: Little Tigers attracted fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and within other Chinese communities around the world. The success of the band started a new generation of Taiwanese pop culture in the early 1990s.During his early years in show business, Su was also epitomized as a superior student. He attended Taiwan's number one high school, Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo High School, and was accepted at the prestigious National Taiwan University. His experiences as a high school student preparing for the strenuous Taiwan national college examinations while coping with the demands of his singing career are recorded in his book entitled "My Days at Jian Zhong" (aka "Youth Never Die"). read more

In 1995, after the break-up of Little Tigers, Alec Su embarked on a film career. His role as the fifth prince in the Chinese TV series blockbuster Huan zhu ge ge (1998) ("Princess Returning Pearl") won him fame as an television actor in 1997. He has continued acting in television productions, with several hit TV series, including Profound Love in Heavy Rain (2001) ("Romance in the Rain"), Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (2002) (Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre), Love of the Aegean Sea (2003), Warriors of the Yang Clan (2003), and My Bratty Princess (2005) (Mischievous Princess). His most recent television production is Da Zhen Fan, a drama with a 1950s working class setting, which completed filming in June 2008.In addition to television, Alec has acted in a dozen theatrical films produced in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China, and in recent years has also explored stage performance, starring in a production of the play "Fragrance of Crysanthemums" ("Ju Hua Xiang"), produced by the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, in the summer of 2006.Along with his TV and film work, Su has released thirty top-selling albums, first as a member of the Little Tigers group and, starting in 1992 (with "I Only Want You to Love Me"), as a solo artist. His most recent album, "Before and After," was released in 2004. His next CD is projected for completion in 2008-2009. The first song for this new album, "Da Bu Liao," was released in May 2007 as a single, as part of a China anti-depression health campaign. Two other new singles have been performed at various events in 2008.From the last half of 2008, Alec has concentrated on film projects, including Fit Lover (2008) (aka "Fit Lover"), and a cameo in a short Taiwan film, L-O-V-E. (2009) ("L-O-V-E"). "A Singing Fairy," which explores some of the Southwest China ethnic minority culture and music, had a local Guangxi premiere in December 2009, with wide release scheduled for March 2010. "The Four Cupids," a romantic comedy shot in the fall of 2008, is still awaiting a release date. The Message (2009) ("The Message"), a high-profile, star-packed espionage thriller set during the Japanese occupation of China in the 1940s, premiered in China in September, has shown in several film festivals around Asia and in the US, and was nominated for six Golden Horse Awards. Finally, The Star and the Sea (2009) (aka "The Star and the Sea"), a biographical drama about Xian Xinghai, China's beloved "People's Musician," was included in Macau's December 2009 anniversary celebrations.In December 2009, it was announced that the three members of Little Tigers (Xiao Hu Dui) will perform together for the 2010 CCTV Lunar New Year concert, to help celebrate the "Year of the Tiger."

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