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Aldo Gonzalez posters


November 17, 1974

Birth Sign



5' 6" (1.68 m)


Growing up in a family full of entertainers, Aldo Gonzalez wasn't known as a bashful person. At the age of 12, Aldo realized his dream for entertaining when he became the drummer of his first band, Expression. Following in the footsteps of his father and brother wasn't always easy. Distracted by harsh realities of the gang life in the late 80's, Aldo lost sight of his dream.It was in a jail cell at the age of 29 that he told himself that there has to be more to life than this. Determined to get back on track, he rid himself of all the negativity surrounding him and found hope in his first job as an extra in Herbie Reloaded. Enthused and excited, he pursued his career and enhanced his resume with roles in commercials, music videos, and feature films.Today, you can spot Aldo on popular t.v. shows acting in dramatic and comedic roles, such as Sons of Anarchy and Hard Times of RJ Berger - catering to a wide range of audience. It was Aldo's experience on set of Confessions of a Pit Fighter and Half Past Dead 2 that inspired him to one day add director and producer to his resume. read more

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