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Alberto Vazquez posters


August 23, 1955

Birth Sign




Alberto Vazquez was born in Spanish Harlem, New York. His parents are from Puerto Rico. Alberto was interested in acting since his childhood. He was a television junkie and would imitate characters from popular TV shows in the sixties. He started studying acting in 1975 with Julie Bovasso (Travolta's mother in Saturday Night Fever), then later with Ernie Martina and Geraldine Barron (from the Actors Studio). He started acting in plays at The Henry Street Settlement, Ensemble Studio Theater And American Theater for Actors. He understudied the role of the Dealer in Cuba and his Teddy Bear with Robert DeNiro, And Burt Young on Broadway's Longacre Theater in 1987. Since then he has performed in over 100 plays, commercial, TV and films.

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