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Albert Jan van Rees posters


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In his youth, Albert Jan van Rees (1974) watched a lot of television. The Muppet Show and Monty Python's Flying Circus were some of his favorite shows and still are an important inspiration for the work he directs. After high school Albert Jan was admitted to The Dutch Film and Television Academy where he graduated in 1998. He started directing sketch-shows like Daar Vliegende Panters, Draadstaal, Het Klokhuis and Toren C and comedies like Shouf Shouf and De Band. In 2001 he became a director of the commercial company Cake and directed more than 350 commercials. One of his commercials "Mr Mulder" won a brown Lion on the commercial festival in Cannes. In 2007 he directed the short film "Naked" with Diederik Ebbinge. This film was selected at the AFI Fest in Hollywood. The series Toren C which he directs is in his sixth season and has been sold to more than 4 countries. Summer 2012 he directed his first drama series: Overspel. In 2015 he is going to direct his first feature film.

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