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Born and raised as an only child in the rural countryside of Abbotsford just outside Vancouver, BC, Alanna's imagination and passion to create propelled her in to a world of performance. Her first lead role, at age 8, was as a young girl living in a box car in the Depression of the 1930's. Alanna has since continued to develop herself as an actor gaining recognition for her numerous award winning performances.After graduating with honours from Capilano University's Arts and Entertainment Management program, Alanna moved to Toronto to fulfill her new position as Executive Assistant at one of Toronto's top talent agencies. During her time with the agency, Alanna partook in many exciting opportunities: scouting for talent at major showcases, networking with top agents, managers, and casting directors, and coordinating talent auditions and castings within the agency.Despite her enjoyment working with the agency, Alanna couldn't deny her true love for acting. She continued to take classes while working and in 2011 she made the move to New York City where she was accepted to the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. read more

Alanna completed her year at Strasberg with the lead role in the spring production of John Guare's 'Chaucer in Rome' and has since returned to Canada where she continues to pursue her acting career.

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