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Alan Stuart Jones is a composer, known for his work on Peat Reek (2014), Open Mike (2015), Bells (2016), Cocktail (2016), and Keep Right (2016). He is, at present, working on an EP in collaboration with various artists. Alan has been focusing much of his time on genres including experimental independent pop/rock, future bass and electro house. New works include; 'Explosions', 'Her Name', 'Plan B' and 'Don't Wake Me Up'.Previous song titles composed by Alan Stuart Jones consist of; 'OCD', 'East of the Sun', 'Open Your Mind', 'Weak Innocence', 'Like a Man' and 'Empty Ghost'.As well as writing and producing music, Alan works as a Sound Recordist and Underwater Videographer on film sets. Before working in film, he was a session guitarist for various solo artists and spent a lot of his early days in music on the road, performing onstage.

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