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Alan Shearer posters


August 13, 1970

Birth Sign



6' (1.83 m)


Alan Shearer CBE is one of the all-time legends of English football. He started his career playing for Southampton F.C. in 1987, but five years later was snapped up by Blackburn Rovers F.C. Whilst there, he scored an astounding 30 goals three seasons running. In 1992, he joined the international squad as captain of England, with a 2-0 victory over France. Shearer was soon attracting great interest from other clubs and, in 1996, he quit Blackburn to become captain of the team he had always supported as a boy, Newcastle United. He joined the 'Geordies' in a deal worth £15 million - a then-world record! He married his wife Lainya at the age of just 20 on June 8th 1991. He has two daughters, Chloe and Hollie. Quietly spoken, Alan has rejected much of the 'showbusiness' side of footballing fame, preferring to spend time with his family. As a consequence, the British tabloids have branded him 'boring'. With good humour he has capitalised on this image with an amusing advert for McDonalds and a cameo in the British comedy 'The Match' (1999). read more

Because of his good looks and muscular physique, modest Alan is regularly voted 'Britain's Hunkist Footballer', much to his embarrassment.

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