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Alan Delabie posters


Birth Sign


5' 9" (1.75 m)


Alan Delabie, a merchant's son, could have chosen the same destiny as his parents. After seeing his older brother become a fight champion and watching Bruce Lee's films Alan quickly developed a passion for practicing martial arts. It was then, at the age of 11, he started training in Shotokan Karate. At 17 he earned his black belt, and then learned to become a full contact specialist. At the same time he trained in artistic nunchaku and became a European champion. He later ventured off and started performing in local TV shows. He performed in over 500 shows in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Alan also performed in a live demonstration in front of over 15,000 viewers in the Paris Première TV channel of the Martial Arts Festival in Paris Bercy. Alan auditioned for a reality completion show produced and directed by Jalal Merhi called "Master of the Arts", in Toronto, Canada. In the show, he competes to become the best stuntman. Impressed by his acting and talent, another director named Chris Power decided to write a screenplay for him called "The French Dragon. read more

" While in France, Alan started to go to auditions and gained small roles. He appeared in a TV show called "A Tort Ou à Raison" and a TV movie "À Dix Minutes de Nulle Part." He also played a part in the film J.C.V.D with Jean-Claude Van Damme. This eventually lead him to land bigger roles such as starring in independent feature films such as Marc Saint Georges "The savior" and "Svolta." He didn't just settle with acting. Alan also wrote, produced and starred in a thriller feature film, "8 hours". His film premiered in Belgium and eventually made its way to San Diego's legendary Ken Cinema. He appeared on KUSI News' Good Morning San Diego" to promote his film. In addition, Alan also made a short film "Mourir d'aimer" and starred with, actress Catriona McColl. Recently Alan decided to produce the first season of his own web series "Anatomy of An Antihero" in Lille, France. For the second season, he decided to bring it in San Diego, CA and have it directed by an American director Meosha Bean. His web series was officially selected at the Los Angeles Film Awards and London Independent Film Festival and received a nomination for Best Actor at the Los Angeles Actors Awards. Soon after filming his web series, Alan flew to Toronto, Canada to play the role of Officer Galant in the modern western Canadian horror film "Bloodslinger". The web series "Anatomy of An Antihero" is now available on Amazon Prime and on LoveMyVod. His motivation, passion, and love for cinema grow more and more each day. Alan is truly ambitious and has the determination and loves this craft.

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