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Alan Baltes posters


August 5, 1962

Birth Sign



6' (1.83 m)


Alan Baltes has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. The journey began when Alan met actor Don Stroud surfing in Santa Barbara in 1984. The two became friends, and one day Alan went with Don on an audition for General Hospital, and helped Don with his lines in the waiting room. While Don was in the casting director's office auditioning, the associate casting director called Alan in to his office, and asked if he was an actor, and complimented Alan about his reading the script lines with Don Stroud in the waiting room. Alan told the casting director that he always wanted to be an actor, but never pursued it. Alan also struck up a conversation, asking the casting director how he became involved in the casting profession. Alan ended up working on the show as an extra for a year before being cast in a recurring speaking role playing "Police Cadet McDonald", a story line of Alan and several other actors going through Police Academy with the character "Frisco Jones". read more

One of the other police cadets was actor Marc Dacascos, who is now a very successful film star.After working on General Hospital for 8 months in the recurring role, Alan auditioned with casting director Doris Sabbagh for a guest starring role on the television show "Punky Brewster". Doris told Alan that he was not right for that role, however she said he was perfect for working on the daytime drama "Days of Our Lives". Alan ended up working numerous episodes on the soap over the course of the next 10 years. The acting roles continued on other television shows such as "Port Charles", "Married with Children", "The Golden Girls", "Murder, She Wrote" and many others. Alan had the opportunity to work with countless top industry professionals such as seven-time Academy Award nominee and legendary music producer Quincy Jones ("Life Goes On", episode "Last Stand in Glenn Brook"), three-time Academy Award nominee Angela Lansbury and Academy Award nominee/legendary acting coach Nina Foch ("Murder, She Wrote", episode "Tainted Lady"), and two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington ("St. Elsewhere", episode "Santa Claus Is Dead").Alan joined the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists in 1984. Over the years Alan has served on multiple SAG/AFTRA committees including the Native American Caucus. Through the committee work, Alan has met important politicians, top industry casting directors, and other important industry professionals. Since the beginning of his acting career Alan has worked closely with Hanay Geiogamah, who is a playwright, TV and movie producer, artistic director, and a Professor in the School of Theater, Film and Television at the University of California, Los Angeles. Geiogamah is a very important and influential figure in Native American entertainment industry relations. Geiogamah hired Alan to serve as producer's assistant with the Native American Indian Dance Theatre, which has toured extensively in the United States and abroad.Alan studied acting at the Los Angeles Repertory Company with the late legendary acting coach Robert Ellenstein. One of the greatest things Alan took away from Ellenstein's teachings was his frequent reminders to his students that a person can begin, or continue, a pursuit of a professional acting career at any age. Many of Ellenstein's students at the time were 50+ years of age. Alan also was fortunate to have attended acting classes with the highly respected acting coach, the late Cliff Osmond. Alan learned from Osmond that there is no "one specific acting technique" - such as Stanislavski's system, Meisner technique, Strasberg's method - that is right for every actor. "One must study all methods to discover which works for the individual, and sometimes combinations work, and sometimes none work". Alan has also taken various commercial acting workshops and scene study classes over the years.In 2005, Alan became interested in helping actors learn about the entertainment industry business, and began publishing websites dedicated to providing resources for both aspiring and professional actors. Eventually some casting directors and producers approached Alan to ask for assistance in getting word out about open casting calls, talent searches, and extras casting. Also for reality/competition shows such as assisting casting director Lacy Forrest on the first two years of "The Voice". Alan has also cast actors directly in the film "So In Love", discovering young actor Christian Hutcherson, who has gone on to become a two-time Young Artist Awards winner. Alan assists industry leading casting directors such as Bill Marinella with projects.Alan is also a successful journalist/writer, and has written articles for Ezinearticles.com that have given him the distinguished designation of "EzineArticles.com Expert Author". Alan has written extensively for Clarity Digital Group's Examiner.com. Alan is an IMDb Pro News Desk Partner, among a small list of industry giants such as TV Guide, Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, TMZ, and Access Hollywood. Alan publishes the Actors Resource Guides, which are available for over 20 top filming locations around the United States and beyond.

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