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Alain Washnevsky posters


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After having had a successful career in real estate business in Vienna Austria, Alain realized that something was missing. In 2011 he decided to follow his true passion as a performer, teacher and motivational speaker and moved to Los Angeles California. His recent work includes a lead role in the 2016 Academy Award nominated short film Day One ONE, Homeland (Showtime), Curb Your Enthusiasm 2017 ( HBO) , Scandal (ABC) and Aquarius (NBC).Alain is fluent in English, Farsi and German. And conversational in French.In 2014 he competed in the World Champion Ship of Public Speaking and made it to the Finals in Kuala Lumpur. In 2014 he was considered one of the Top 9 speakers worldwide.He is also involved with the Captivating Speakers program and teaches communication and public speaking.In his spare time he loves to sing opera with his deep vibrant Baritone voice.

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