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Al-Jaleel Knox posters


March 25, 1993

Birth Sign



5' 10" (1.78 m)


AL-Jaleel Knox is a young Actor/Model born in Atlanta,GA March 25,1993. Jaleel Started rapping at the age of 9 performing in many talent shows around Atlanta. In 2004 Jaleel was a member of the north and south rap collision Called the "Twins of Crime"(T.O.C) who performed in the Atlanta area when they were only 11 the duo later split leaving Jaleel as a solo artist as he grew up he continued to write poetry and raps but found a knew love in the entertainment business "Acting" Jaleel's first original goal was to use acting as a foot in the door technique for his music career but once he began to pursue his career in the film & TV industry he was bit by the acting bug. In 2010 Jaleel began to appear in local theatre and independent films he later discovered The Company Acting Studio where he began to truly understand and love the craft.

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