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Aku Louhimies posters


July 3, 1968

Birth Sign




Aku Louhimies is an award-winning director and screenwriter. Over the last decade his highly acclaimed, commercially successful films have established him as one of the most preeminent directors of Scandinavian cinema today.Accomplished in both film and television, Louhimies' works have consistently garnered attention and praise, not least on the international film festival scene. Of his eight feature films, his latest works include European Film Award nominees 8-Ball (2013) and Frozen Land (2012).Louhimies attended school in the United Sates, graduating from Billings West High School in Montana before returning to Finland to study history at the University of Helsinki, continuing on to Aalto University with a degree in film directing.He is fluent in English, Finnish, Swedish, and Spanish.Louhimies attributes his discipline and a strong work ethic to his military background, having served as platoon leader of the Finnish defense forces. He is still an active reserve officer.Louhimies was born in Helsinki, Finland. read more

His father is an architect and his mother worked in advertising. He considers Montana his home state and has strong connections there.A dedicated father of four, Louhimies is passionate about using the medium for socially and environmentally constructive purposes. He is also a well-known public speaker and has been the head of the Finnish Directors Guild for several years.

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