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Ajay Friese is from Victoria, British Columbia, on Canada's west coast. In 2018, he will appear as Parker in YTV's "Reboot: The Guardian Code", Vijay in Netflix's "Lost In Space", and Farson in season 2 of Netflix and BBC America's "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency". He landed his first screen role at age 13 in Disney's "Mr. Young", followed by Nickelodeon's "One Crazy Cruise".Friese's love of acting developed on the stage, as Oliver Twist in "Oliver!", Puck in "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Peter Cratchit in "A Christmas Carol", Akira in "Hana's Suitcase", and The Phantom in "The Phantom of the Opera", as well as in five shows with Pacific Opera Victoria.Ajay's love of the performing arts is also expressed through music; in 2016 his band Close The Bombay doors released its first EP, for which he wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and played lead guitar and vocals. Talented band members added percussion, bass, cello, violin, and trumpet, for a unique (and award winning!) sound. Listen on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, under "Close The Bombay Doors". read more

Ajay, whose full name is Ajay Parikh-Friese, was born to Canadian and American parents in Seattle, Washington. He holds dual citizenship and is bilingual in English and French. He grew up on the west coast of Canada, skiing, surfing and camping, and also lived in Japan for a year. He has an older sister, Amisha, a disqualified guide dog, Onyx, and a crested gecko named Norbi.

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