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Ainsley Ross was born in a small East Texas town with a population of less than 800. From the time she could talk she has had a passion for entertaining and encouraging others. She started acting in a small town community theater when she was 9 along with writing music. By the young age of 14, Ainsley Ross had written over 80 songs. Ainsley's first project was a feature film working with Fire Catcher Productions in a supporting role as Annie Ross in The Reins Maker. She wrote and performed music for the films soundtrack as well. Traveling is a passion of hers and she feels so fortunate that it goes hand and hand with the career path she is passionately pursuing. She loves spending time in L.A. and studying with some of the greats:) In her spare time Ainsley is a mentor and a public speaker, encouraging our youth to "Just Be You" (also the title of her first CD released in 2015) Ainsley is very passionate about her work and love for the industry as a whole and hopes to change the way the public views the entertainment industry. read more

"There are so many great success stories but people tend focus on the negative. Most people honestly have no idea what it takes and just how much work and sacrifice goes into each project." Ainsley would like to study Film in Europe and in LA, allowing her to become an experienced writer/director in the future. She wants to learn every aspect of writing and acting in order to bring amazing projects to life.

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