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Aiden can play versatile roles due to his look of Caucasian, Hispanic, Italian, and/or Mediterranean. Presently, Aiden enjoys drawing, swimming, acting, and sports. Aiden plays soccer, baseball and basketball on competitive teams. Furthermore Aiden can bike ride, do a dive off the diving board, jump rope, throw a football, sing a little song, speak a little Spanish, and do a British and Indian accent. In the past, Aiden has taken one year of dance, gymnastics, and karate. Also, Aiden is an excellent listener, quick-learner, very direct-able, super expressive, welcomes director's critiques, can memorize large amount of copy, very patient on set, and is extremely comfortable in front of the camera. Aiden's resume has over a hundred jobs which include TV, TV Commercials, print jobs, and voice-overs.Aiden is most known for Blue Bloods, What Would You Do?, as well as his extensive v/o, commercial & print work. Aiden does have a valid passport too. We are proud that Aiden is a sweet boy; the boy next-door type, who has a cooperative spirit, is great with facial expressions, and always remembers his manners. read more

Aiden was discovered by his current manager, Colette Palmerio of CP Talent Management

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