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Ahmet Devran Dayanc posters


May 10, 1990

Birth Sign




Ahmet Devran Dayanc is a Turkish-American Actor, He was born in the Elazig province of Turkey in 1990. From an early age he was interested in acting and had a great love of movies. In 2008 while still in high school, Ahmet began working as an actor in both TV and films. He was approached by Fatih Terzioglu, Assistant Director of "Kendi Okulumuza Dogru" (The Way to Our School), to appear as a series regular he went on to star in 17 episodes of the Turkish TV series. Ahmet next went on to appear in 15 episodes of the wildly popular TV series about soldiers in the military called "Olumsuz Kahramanlar" (Immortal Heroes). He followed this by attending a huge audition for the TV show "Bu Kalp Seni Unutur Mu?" (This Heart Will Forget You?) for the role of Berzan Ferad, the young 16-year-old Kurdish inmate in the Diyarbakir Turkish prison. After that Ahmet cast in legendary Turkish director Osman Sinav's next production, a military action-drama TV series called "Sakarya Firat". After shooting, Ahmet and Osman Sinav had a conversation about his promising future in acting. read more

As a result of this meaningful conversation, Ahmet decided to further develop his craft and seriously apply himself to learning acting technique. He enrolled in acting classes with the great Ayla Algan, a renowned Turkish film star, Strasberg-trained actress, and lifetime member of the Actors Studio. Ayla was very impressed with Ahmet's talent as an actor as well as his strong work ethic. Upon completing Ayla's intensive year-long course, Ahmet shared his dream of pursuing a Hollywood career with Ayla. She wisely advised Ahmet that he should first study theater and acting in New York. Since arriving in New York in 2011, Ahmet has appeared in several projects. He played the role of the unforgettable son Vedat at Columbia University's "Tears of Anatolia" (off-Broadway production). He has appeared as a cult member on the FOX hit TV series "The Following". Ahmet is a student of the Ivana Chubbuck technique and a member of the Maria Psomas Studio in Manhattan, where he studies Chubbuck technique and scene study. He also studied Meisner technique at Ron Millkie Studio. When Ahmet first arrived in New York and began applying to acting schools, he was concerned that his limited English would be an obstacle for him. The first acting teacher he called in New York was Maria Psomas. He asked to study with her, but during their conversation Maria felt that he didn't know enough English to be in her class. After viewing Ahmet's work on Turkish television, however, she was impressed with his acting and accepted him as her student, agreeing to help Ahmet with both his English and his acting. Ahmet grew tremendously as an actor in her class. This teacher, Maria Psomas, gave Ahmet the opportunity to improve as an actor. He credits her with transforming his life and his entire career as an actor. Ahmet says, "Ahmet Devran Dayanc is literally half Maria Psomas when I am acting". Recently Ahmet had a chance meeting with actor Robert DeNiro on the set of a Santander commercial. DeNiro took the time to speak with Ahmet, advise him, and encourage him. The fact that the legendary actor treated Ahmet as a peer meant a great deal to Ahmet and gave him the courage and energy to continue pursuing his dream.

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