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Aeon Cruz is an American TV Show Host, actress, musician and performance artist. Born in Venice, Florida, she grew up a pop, modern and hula dance performer in festivals, parades and halftime shows and as a competitive gymnast. Her first big break came when she appeared dancing and playing a cheerleader in the 'Walt Disney World Super Bowl XXV Halftime Show' in Tampa, Florida. Her parents had two children together. Her father was an avid fossil hunter and police officer while her mother was a home maker. They divorced when Aeon was in third grade and she was brought up with her sister living with her mother. In high school she was in drama club, acting in dozens of school plays, and on the competitive dance team, also learning the bass guitar and forming her first band, Iudiu. After graduating high school Aeon attended college to study performance and visual arts. She's had training in theater, voice, dance, bass guitar, painting, photography, glass blowing and fire. After completion of school she moved to Denver, Colorado to form her next music project, Audioflux, and later Glass Delirium. read more

She has performed on stage playing bass and singing with her band and other highly notable rock bands such as Queensr├┐che, Halestorm, In This Moment, Static-X, Powerman 5000 and more. She has recorded two albums; 'Diamond Lullibies' and 'Honey Blood', with Glass Delirium. Aeon has appeared on numerous covers of music, art and alternative magazines and publications. Melding her love for art and cosplay (She was one of the official DC Bombshell sculpture models), motorcycles, cars, horror films and music into her unique art. She took to her first film role as the lead Amanda Shore in the zombie film Ravenous You're the Main Course (2013). Recently appearing in the rock n' roll feature Stadium Anthems (2017) as Steph; the lead guitar player where she also recorded bass and back up vocals on the soundtrack and the comic book sci-fi film Monster Force Zero (2017), where she performed her own stunts. Currently she is filming a tv series for the ASY Network where she hosts a show called The Drink due to release mid 2017. Aeon has one daughter, Aeona Cruz, who has appeared in numerous films with her, including Ravenous You're the Main Course (2013), Hope (2016), MF0 (2017) and Amateur (2016)

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