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Adrienne Rusk posters


October 10, 1984

Birth Sign



5' 8" (1.73 m)


Between Wisconsin and New Mexico, award-winning actress Adrienne Rusk was raised in an artistic family. She began her career at the early age of twelve, transitioning from modeling quickly thereafter into acting. Since then, she has been cast as the lead in numerous national commercials, print campaigns, music videos, network television shows and feature films.Over the years, it has been a natural segue for her to command more responsibility and creativity in collaborative efforts; writing and producing. She graduated with a B.A. in Communications and English, from her studies at the University of Wisconsin and the University of London, where she focused on cultural anthropology, international communications and interpersonal relations. Upon graduation, she co-founded a documentary production company in New York City. It has become increasingly important to combine her love of work, travel and humanitarianism, leading her to gravitate towards work with an international focus and cultural awareness. read more

In 2012, she was awarded Best Actress by the Independent Filmmakers Showcase for her work as lead actress in the feature film, Only Sighing (2011). She trains with legendary acting coach, Larry Moss. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles and continues her work as an actress, producer and screenwriter.

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