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Adrian Topol posters


February 4, 1981

Birth Sign



5' 8" (1.73 m)


Adrian Topol was born 1981 in Zabrze, Poland, and grew up in Ahlen, Germany. At age 18 he started acting lessons and played in various theatre plays. A few months later he played his first part in a TV- movie. Shortly thereafter he was awarded the highest German TV sponsorship award for his leading role in "Königskinder". Since then Adrian has starred in more than 50 cinema and TV films and series, and has been awarded for his performance as Franz in "Franz and Polina" at the International Film Festival Shanghai, and the Avance Film Festival in Portugal. Other than acting Adrian shows great in interest in many aspects of film production (directing, editing, camera, screenwriting). He had the opportunity to produce his first short film, which eventually became the feature length "Tears of Kali". In 2011 he started work as director on "Augenblick" a social short film in his home town Ahlen, together with a Julia Jacob and the social organisation "Keiner geht verloren" e.V. (KGV)

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