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6' 1" (1.85 m)


Adrian Lockett Is an African American Actor/Model. He hails from the western part of Alabama by the name of Butler located in Choctaw County. He stands 6ft 1.5 inches tall. Lockett began his Career in 2013 by doing fashion shows and photo shoots in Dallas, Texas. After learning all the necessary essentials he branched out to the Georgia & Louisiana market to pursue film where he landed roles that would make him more of a prominent name in the industry. Lockett obtained the membership of SAG/AFTRA after playing a role in his second major film titled "Man Down". Since then he's gone on to become a more prominent name in the industry by staying dedicated, having discipline, and the drive of 10 men. He's been on course finding most of his own work and traveling from coast to coast to accomplish the unthinkable. Lockett is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces where he served as a tank mechanic in an infantry unit. Lockett believes those skills prepared him for the path that he's on now especially nights where he has to sleep in the car and shower at truck stops after driving many hours. read more

He drives to every set location across country! In 4 years timing Lockett put over 300,000 safe miles on his personal vehicle chasing his dream. He separated from his career job in 2015 leaving acting and modeling the only thing left in the table for him to do. He wanted to dedicate his focus only to his craft. Today by the way of faith and hard work Adrian is still conquering and making a name for himself. He continues to thrive and work hard at becoming a household name. He lives by a saying from the great Denzel Washington which is "True desire in your heart to do anything good is God's proof sent to you beforehand that it's already done."

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