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Adrian Kali Turner is an actor, singer, dancer, writer, entrepreneur and community activist. Adrian is from Atlanta, Georgia and lives in the Los Angeles area where he is pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree.From portraying the emotionally compelling Duane in The Walking Dead to the hilariously funny and scene stealing Shawn in Bad Teacher, Adrian is a young actor with the skill, range and experience of a heavy-hitter. His acting repertoire includes roles in major film and network projects such as, The Walking Dead (AMC), Bad Teacher (Columbia Pictures), My Name is Khan (Fox Searchlight Pictures), Arrested Development (20th Century Fox), Camp Fred (Nickelodeon Network), iCarly (Nickelodeon), Don't Trust the B _ in Apartment 23 (20th Century Fox) Standing Up and Saving Westbrook High ( Swirl Films).At 9 years old, Adrian earned top recognition for Monologue and Commercial competitions at the Actor's Modeling and Talent Competition and qualified as a finalist for the Best Overall Child Actor award. read more

Soon after moving to Los Angeles, at 10 years old, Adrian received an invitation to join the Screen Actor's Guild.In addition to acting, Adrian is an avid singer, starting out as a soloist for the children's choir at church. While in the children's choir, Adrian developed and honed his rapping and writing skills. He performed on Donna Summer's final album, sang with Jason Mraz and performed with Will.i.am during President Obama's Inaugural Ball celebrations. Adrian was a member of the short-lived boy band, Boyz Crew. He wrote an original piece, which her performed on the Peace in our Hearts CD Project, which is the brainchild of Ms. Hanalea, He also performed alongside international activist, Fred Nassiri for the I Want Peace--the World's First Portal to Peace Organization Project.Adrian is the Owner and CEO of the independent record label, Golden Zed. Under the label, Adrian performs his collection of original music as house/dance music personality - DJ Bludwork.Adrian is active in the community through his charity, "Toys for Teens." Adrian formed this non-profit entity to benefit foster youth in the Atlanta, GA. Also, each year, Adrian emcees the International Earth Day Celebration held in Culver City, CA. He is a regular volunteer for the Star Eco Center in Culer City, CA, ( a rescue center and shelter for abandoned animals) and served as youth ambassador for the US Forestry Campaign aimed at encouraging youth and parents to re-connect with Nature.

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