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Adrian Hough posters


Birth Sign


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Adrian Hough's extraordinary talent was first spotted at the young age of 11 when he was selected to go into a Saturday morning program for gifted children. It was there that he was introduced to a course called Mime and Creative Drama and he was hooked.Inspired by British performers, Adrian decided to be a classical actor and set off to the UK where he spent 9 years training and working. The experience he gathered was immeasurable; highlights include playing the Scottish brother to Peter Capaldi ('Doctor Who') and working opposite Hal Holbrook who was the original Father Malone in the 1980 John Carpenter film 'The Fog'. 25 years later Adrian would play Father Malone in the remake.Feeling ready now to take on acting as a lifetime career, Adrian returned to Canada in the 90s and went directly to work. His ability with accents and voice booked him his first audition and job in the animated X-men classic series as the original Nightcrawler.Adrian has since amassed 86 television and 26 film credits, all of them substantial roles. read more

In 2006 Adrian played the part of Jean Grey's father in 'X-Men 3' becoming the only actor who has both voiced an X-Man and been in the live action movies.In 2011 Adrian was asked to participate in a very strange audition covered in secrecy. Then for a year-and-a-half he flew quietly back and forth to Montreal, not even able to tell his own children what he was working on. The role was that of the famous video game character, the first Grand Master of the Templar Order's Colonial Rite, Haytham Kenway in the billion-dollar earning, Assassin's Creed 3. His flawless accent and work as the British colonial, completely done in performance capture at Ubisoft's studio, garnered Adrian his first international award nomination, a BAFTA. Ten days after the nomination, in 2013, Adrian's father died. It was a bittersweet time.Adrian's incredible acting skills have landed him a wide range of intense roles. There have been many times he has found himself flying from one production to another, swiftly changing from a demonic murderer to, for example, a man with great piety. Adrian's current on-screen role as Sigourney Weaver's brother in '(re) Assignment' falls into the bad-guy category. He'll tell you that he has developed a fondness for playing men of dubious character and motives, and that he likes to always find a heart within the monster.In life however, the man himself couldn't be kinder. Adrian's ocean-side island home keeps him and his three children close to the water and old growth forests which he works passionately to protect.

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