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Adrian Finkelstein Writer and Executive Producer, collaborates with Valerie Franich, Writer and Executive Producer, Nuala Quinn-Barton, Producer, Mania Entertainment [us], and Golden Age Entertainment [us], (the Production Companies,) in the pre production of the Feature Films: First, "By Love Reclaimed: We'll Be Seeing You," with a budget of 10 MM. Genre: Romance. Synopsis: The truth about the MGM producer, Paul Bern's life, legacy and tragic death, as revealed in "real time and place," under hypnosis, by his wife, famous Hollywood first blonde bombshell, Jean Harlow's probable reincarnation. Second: "Deaf to the Past," with a budget of 10 MM. Genre: Drama. Synopsis: A young woman's journey through becoming deaf, who experiences a new culture that is foreign to her - the deaf culture, followed by regaining her hearing, which results in social and cultural isolation and adapting to her new life.Finkelstein is also a Writer and an Executive Producer in collaboration with Franich through Golden Age Entertainment [us], production company, were both serve as CEO's, and Nuala Quinn-Barton, producer, Mania Entertainment [us], (the Production Companies, in which Barton is the CEO. read more

They will Co-Produce the following Feature Film projects: "Marilyn Monroe Returns, The Healing of a Soul," with a budget of 12 MM. Genre: Drama. Synopsis: Top-of-the-charts singer, Sherrie Lea Laird, the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe is treated by Dr. Adrian Finkelstein. "Cast Out," with a budget of 5 MM. Genre: Drama. Synopsis: A fascinating healing of a schizophrenic. "In Search for Love," with a budget of 8 MM. Romance, Drama. Synopsis: Abe Lowe's journey in search for true love.In addition, Finkelstein, Franich and Barton are Co-Producing the Film Documentary: "Marilyn Monroe Returns, A Doctor's Odyssey," with a budget of 250 K. Genre: Documentary. Synopsis: A medical doctor's actual challenging research into the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

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