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Adolfo Aristarain posters


October 19, 1943

Birth Sign




Adolfo Aristarain began working on a regular basis in the film industry in 1965, as second assistant director. Before shooting his first film in 1978, he worked as an assistant director in more than thirty feature films, in different parts of the world, such as Sergio Leone's _Erase un vez en el Oeste_ (1968), Mario Camus' _La Colera del Viento_ (1970), Melvin Frank's _A Touch of Distinction_ (1972), Juan José Jusid's _Los Gauchos Judios_ (1974) and _No Toquen a la Nena_ (1976). From 1984 to 1985 he completed eight episodes for the series "Pepe Carvalho" (Spain) based on the Vazquez Montalban's character. In 1987, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he shot a coproduction with Columbia Pictures, a feature film originally known as _Deadly_ and then renamed The Stranger, that he does not wish to release in Argentina, because he says he doesn't like it.

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