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Adam Templar posters


Birth Sign


6' (1.83 m)


Adam has been a professional actor for a number of years. Adam has worked in numerous TV Series and short films and has landed main cast and lead roles in several Feature Films. He also has experience Internationally as he was the lead British actor in an 8-part drama series made for TV, filmed in Slovakia, called "Zlodeji Deti" in 2013. Having worked on both small and large films, and with TV work too, Adam has become relaxed, comfortable and natural in front of camera and on various types of set. A very well-travelled, astute, observant and worldly-wise person with a good sense of timing, Adam prefers TV and film acting to stage as he prefers the more natural acting involved and the discreet nuances that come with close-up camera work too. His voice, and indeed the characters he can play, can be anything from dark and menacing, to warm and trusting. He is also a qualified Martial Arts Instructor (Karate and Jiu-Jitsu), an advanced firearms instructor, SWAT Instructor and Close-Quarter Battle Instructor. read more

Apart from being ex-military, Adam also worked as a Bodyguard and was stationed in Iraq as such, so has also experienced live-fire, high-risk situations for real. He can perform his own ground stunts and fight scenes, thus adding realism to these types of scenes if required.

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