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Adam Richards posters


Birth Sign


5' 7" (1.7 m)


After spending twelve years on the British Stunt Register performing both stage and film stunts, Adam Richards decided to combine his passion for this with his passion of martial art, close quarter fighting and period and modern weapons.Training since the age of six in martial arts he progressed through the stages as well as in weapons. Eventually obtaining seven different Black Belts. This also led to him obtaining many title bouts for his fighting and many awards and recognition for his weapon skills.The next step was to develop his own style of martial art "Kuen Tao" combining all of his experience and skills, together to make one.He has had the honor of training with Jackie Chan and his stunt team in Hong Kong as well as training with many British stunt people and Grand Masters.He has had many excellent reports and articles for weapon skills and training seminars.Adam hopes all these years of training and experience will enable him to gain high recognition in the area of fight directing and would like to thank all those that have helped him on his journey. read more

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