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Adam Ratcliffe was born in the Philadelphia area, and was raised by a stellar singer mother whose parents were involved in show business in the 1940's. He had a grandfather who had appeared in several off-Broadway shows and instilled a passion for singing in his youngest grandson. At the age of five Adam taught his whole kindergarten class one of his grandfathers favorite old show tunes, "Red Red Robin", and they performed for the whole school; the seed was planted. Adam has a huge singing and stage background and began performing on a professional level in the 8th grade. He has had many lead roles at the hometown favorite regional, now AEA Equity Playhouse, "The Bucks County playhouse". Adam juggled a sports career in High School and College, winning a football scholarship to W.C.U. He then transferred to I.U.P., playing rugby for nationally ranked "Tooters", and in his junior year helped them to contend for their first Division I Collegiate Championship, competing against the likes of Cal Berkley and powerhouses Army and Wyoming. read more

In 2002 upon graduating with a BA in Theater and Communications media, Adam left his job working under Via Sikahema and John Clark in the NBC sports department and headed to NYC to seek a life enveloped in acting and honing his craft. He lucked out with an auspicious introduction to a scene study class led by Law and Order star Vincent D'Onofrio, who immediately took a liking to Adam's innate aptitude to instantaneously create sense memory with almost any character. He studied several years with the star of "Full Metal Jacket", "Men in Black" and "The Cell" (to name only a few), and within two years landed a principle role on Law and Order: Criminal Intent, as Jimmy the tow truck driver. He quickly became a member of both SAG and AFTRA in 2005, and in that same month he landed a starring role in his hometown in a three million dollar indie film entitled "Consequences", renamed for national distribution by TLA "Playroom". The film won Best Horror Film in the NYC/LA International Independent Film Festival and best director for Olivier-nominated Stephen Stahl, best known for writing and directing Lady Day, the renowned play that toured all of Europe and is based on Billy Holiday, now coming to Broadway again this year of 2012. Adam again teamed up with Stephan Stahl in a well-received off-Broadway play Straight to Hell, based on a novel of a heroine addict from Wildwood, New Jersey. Adam was given mention in the New York Post for his extremely realistic performance of a junkie criminal who is forced to face the grueling task of recovery in the face of desperation and despair; even the award- winning director Stahl was moved to tears. Adam has since appeared as a lead in many national TV shows, such as Six Degrees on ABC, starring alongside Josh Charles, known for his role in Dead Poets Society, Four Brothers and S.W.A.T. He had a lead recurring role on The Guiding Light, as Officer Burg for several months, as well as a lead in an ESPN documentary of the "Cinderella Man" the Jimmy Braddock story. His next role was as Officer Jones in yet another local Bethlehem and internationally-distributed film Bereavement, a sequel to Steven Mena's award-winning Malevolence. The sequel starred Michael Beihn and John Savage. Adam Ratcliffe also wrote the original screenplay entitled "Philly Kid" and sold the rights to Adam Mervis and Warner Bros. and executive producer Joel Silver, along with Dark Castle/After Dark Pictures. Adam Ratcliffe was paid for story by credit of this nationally-distributed film, now on demand. He also played a small role on HBO's hit TV series, 'Boardwalk Empire' in Season 4, Episode 10.Adam and his wife Andrea are expecting their first son in mid-December 2013, and are dedicated to their amazing loving and tight-knit family, all of which reside in the Philadelphia area.

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