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May 7, 1967

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Adam Price is a Danish screenwriter, playwright, and co-owner and executive-producer at SAM Productions ApS (http://samproductions.dk/).Adam Price has been acknowledged with several international awards for his work, most recently as creator of the Danish drama series Borgen (2010) (2008-2012) for which he was awarded with the BAFTA Award for Best International Drama, the Prix Italia, the Fipa d'Or for Best Drama, The Golden Nymph (Monte Carlo TV-Festival) for Best European Drama Series and the Peabody Award. "Borgen" has been sold to 75 countries in 5 continents.In Denmark Adam Price has won the Danish TV-Award for Best Drama for three consecutive years with "Borgen" from 2009-2011, as well as for the crime series Anna Pihl (2006) in 2006. Furthermore he created the original idea for the drama series Nikolaj og Julie (2002) which was awarded with the International Emmy Award for Best Drama in 2003. Before that he was a staff-writer on the TV-Series Taxa (1997) from 1997-1998.Adam Price also writes for the theatre, and has written a number of plays and musicals. read more

Latest his critically acclaimed "Samtale før Døden" / English Title: "Wannsee", About the war-criminal Adolf Eichmann (Betty Nansen Theatre, Copenhagen, 2014). The play has been performed in Sweden and Norway as well.Besides being a screenwriter, Adam Price is a freelance food-writer and since 2008 he has been running and starring in the TV-Show "Spise med Price" (at DR) with his brother, James Price. The show is now in its 10th season.Adam Price originally studied Law at University of Copenhagen in the early 90s, but already began writing professionally for the stage in the mid 80s. Since then he has also worked as a freelance journalist, food-critic at the Danish newspaper Politiken and from 2000-2005 he was Head of Drama for TV2 Denmark.

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