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Adam Lannon posters


December 3, 1977

Birth Sign




Adam was born in London, UK. His parents moved to Bedfordshire where he was raised in a small village. Here he got his first taste of performing at the age of 10 in school plays.A gifted sportsman he pursued his dream of Basketball and played professionally in the UK until a knee injury ended this abruptly. Whilst working full time in London Adam took evening classes in acting, rediscovering his passion for the screen and stage, which eventually led him to audition for the East 15 Acting School.Adam is particularly proud to of worked on the short films, 'Night after Night' a strong character piece capturing the harsh realities of being homeless (a subject matter close to his heart) and also 'Ashes' which was well received by charities supporting rape victims (the film was also screened at the Cannes International Film Festival 2013).

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