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Adam Herz posters


September 10, 1972

Birth Sign




Adam Herz is a screenwriter and producer, best known for creating the American Pie movie franchise. He wrote the original screenplay for American Pie, which became a worldwide hit and pop culture phenomenon. Herz subsequently wrote and produced the sequels American Pie 2 and American Wedding, and was a producer on the 4th theatrical release American Reunion. The franchise has generated nearly a billion dollars in box office returns, with ancillary revenues well in excess.Herz grew up in East Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended high school there, from which he would later draw inspiration for the fictional "East Great Falls High." Herz graduated from the University of Michigan, after which he moved to Los Angeles. While working a string of production assistant jobs, Herz wrote his first spec script. Sold to studios with the name Untitled Teenage Sex Comedy That Can Be Made For Under Ten Million Dollars, less than a year later the film was complete and ready for release, newly titled American Pie. read more

Herz founded the production company Terra Firma Films with a first-look deal at Universal Studios for many years, in which he set up and produced numerous projects around Hollywood. With Terra Firma, Herz also started the Emerging Writers Program, enabling young and undiscovered writers to develop their talents and gain entry into the film business.As of 2017, Herz is working to bring his signature brand of comedy to television in half-hour series. Revolving around the insecurities of a single father, his teenage son, and the all-too-smart women of their fumbling affections, each episode promises the signature heart, lovable characters, and outrageous comedic setpieces that are hallmarks of Herz's style.

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