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Adam Del Rio posters


May 17, 1981

Birth Sign



6' (1.83 m)


Adam was born in Fremont, California. Fremont is located in the San Francisco bay area. He bounced around his younger years to Utah, and then back to San Francisco before ending up in Pacifica, California. Pacifica is where he did most of his growing up. Learning to surf and skateboard at an early age made this town a good place for him. In Terra Nova High school he ran cross country (a sport that rubbed off to this day) and played baseball, and basketball. He filled his days at Terra Nova participating in the drama club where his love of acting and stand-up-comedy was fed. At night he went to San Francisco (about a 20-minute drive) where he did stand up gigs. He left high school his junior year to pursue acting and stand up comedy. Shortly after he became friends with Rob Schneider. Rob helped motivate Adam to strongly pursue acting. The Hot Chick (2002) was the first time they were able to work together. Adam enjoys running, reading (mostly about the cosmos and theoretical physics), surfing, and of course acting. read more

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