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ADAM BUCCI BIOGRAPHY (August 3, 2017)Adam Bucci grew up in a multi-generational military family. Born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky--the son of a West Point Cadet and a very artistic mother, Bucci's father's side consisted of every branch of the military, and mother's prophetically--every branch of the arts. He delicately balanced visual arts with athletics through his younger years and into high school. And although he has one vivid middle school memory of seeing the film "Romeo and Juliet" and wanting to be an "actor like Leo," Bucci also felt a minor pull towards the military which would quickly subside.And as military families do, he would eventually move and ultimately found himself a young man growing up in New Jersey, only thirty minutes outside of New York City. He was incrementally inspired by the thrill of Broadway, and the acting bug would continue to grow with each theatrical performance he viewed. He still remembers feeling those initial chills of inspiration from each moving theatrical production. read more

He would ultimately force himself to audition for a lead in his high school musical, and at that point, everything changed. Once awarded the role "Pippin" -- this would be an experience to shape his future. He went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Dance from Muhlenberg College, and joined an Afro-Modern Dance Company called "Dance Theatre X" out of Philadelphia. He also performed in some regional theatre productions in both New York and New Jersey until moving to Los Angeles to finally pursue his career in television and film.In Los Angeles, his dream began to take form, initially starring in the world premieres of both "Life Could Be A Dream," directed by Roger Bean, and "Justin Love."In television, he's also making waves as Trevor on the Daytime Emmy nominated "EastSiders" now streaming on NETFLIX along with the romantic comedy, The 10 Year Plan," which appeared in over fifty film festivals worldwide winning ten awards. He's appeared on CBS' "Days of Our Lives," "Nashville," and most recently in the final season of AMC's "Halt" & Catch Fire." He's also producing and starring in a film he co-wrote with actor Adam Huss of Starz' hit show "Power" entitled "Let It Kill You"-- a feature film best described as an elevated horror genre spin on the werewolf myth.A self-proclaimed chameleon, Adam Bucci craves being able to transform--through any vehicle--acting, dance, writing, producing or whatever medium that transformation entails to emote.

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