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Adam Boster posters


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With his latest release Slasher.com hitting major retailers March 7th, 2017 & on to big VOD names, Boster is making a name for himself as a man that understands the business end of the film industry, which in our ever growing Indy world is an increasingly rare talent. 28 years of experience in film, music & entertainment, 9 of which in LA, a true renaissance Missouri boy, Adam has run the gamut & now as a dot connecting local producer, builds his Midwest studio Boster Castle. This good 'ol boy's talents don't end there. More than a triple hitter, film makers have utilized him as an actor, editor, musician . . . & (well kept secret weapon) . . . yes . . . stuntman. "Everyone loves when big films with money come knocking, but guerrilla film fighters with a dream, who have already raised enough cash to get rolling & just need that extra boost . . ." exclaims Boster, "those guys get my gears rolling! And then we make a great team." Boster Castle studios brings to the table many assets that sure come in handy for these local crews & big city film maker's looking to stretch their dollar, like a 40 acre back lot, studio space, production offices, prop & costume shops, 4k editing suites with color team & DCP delivery. read more

They've got the local hook up on grip, electric, drones & RED cameras with experienced crews & even own their own 14 passenger van, car hauler & camera car. Along with good ol' boys & corn, film is becoming the next Midwest staple, home grown by Boster and his Castle team.

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