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Abigail Eckstein posters


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Abigail Susan Eckstein, was born on January 20, 2010 at Paoli Hospital. She is the only girl in a family of 6 kids! Since the age of 9 months old she has been in front of a camera. She easily transitions from being a princess to rough and tumble play with her brothers and friends. She loves to make people smile and laugh and finds ways to bring kindness everywhere she goes. At the young age of 4, Abby made the decision that she wanted to cut and donate her hair to children who were fighting battles with diseases which left them with no hair. Her goal after that was to grow her hair back and do it again. At 6.5 years old, right after Thanksgiving, Abby donated her hair once again. She enjoys singing, dancing, cheerleading, reading to her baby brother, all animals and meeting new people! She's been fortunate enough to be a part of runway work, commercial and editorial photo shoots, extra work on network television, and is excited for some of her most recent work!!

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