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When someone decides to perform an hour show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival made up of self devised, self written and self performed material, it is a 12 month affair -Abbie Murphy went from decision to critically acclaimed comedy debut in just 6 months with no prior comedy experience - just raw talent, funny bones and one ballsy leap of faith..Abbie previewed her character show 'Girl on Fire' staring Abbie's brainchild 'Stephanie Vange' in July at the Camden Solo Festival 2014 which saw her walk away with 'Winner of Best Act' and previous to that, she caught the keen eye of comedy legend Jennifer Saunders who grabbed an awe struck Abbie for a chat after her show. Saunders went on to support Girl on Fire via twitter once Abbie landed on Scottish soil.The free fringe welcomed Abbie at the famed comic haunt, The Counting House, where her character show staring Stephanie Vange completed the month run to a full house audience. Vange is a heightened version of a typical ditsy Essex girl of which The Skinny noted Abbie's talent for creation as an impressive achievement to portray such a caricature without being derogatory. read more

Abbie's whirlwind year is seeing her fast becoming a regular on the comedy circuit, performing in line up's alongside Birthday Girls and Aisling Bea. Originally from an accomplished choreography and dance background, Abbie performed in the Bafta nominated BBC3 Bollywood Carmen last year as one of her final dance performances where she met Matt Lucas' producer and subsequently bagged herself a role in the new visual comedy series, "Pompidou" airing on BBC 1 and Netflix in 2015. Excitingly, Abbie is working on turning Girl on Fire into a sitcom with the team.Her next television appearance might just be a collision of worlds as a twerking career unfolds for Stephanie Vange across our screens; Abbie Murphy is a very exciting new writer and performer to join the female comedy ranks.

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