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Aaron Shure is an Emmy winning television writer, director and producer who first learned the power of comedy when he accidentally won his high school all male beauty pageant by telling jokes. He quickly became an underage regular in Denver clubs like The Comedy Works. After earning a degree in Philosophy from Colorado College, he continued his showbiz career as a karaoke host, street performer, circus clown and radio commentator. At Disney's MGM Studios in Florida, Aaron performed on the streets as a member of the historical and character based improvisational troupe, Streetmosphere. During the Orlando years, when he wasn't busking at Disney, he honed his improv skills at the Sak Comedy Lab. Aaron draws on this eclectic and storied background to create unique comedic narratives. Recent projects include the controversial gun comedy Open Carry co-created with Sak alumn Jonathan Mangum, and the transmedia series Dirty Work which won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media, the first time ever the Television Academy had awarded a property created solely for an online audience. read more

Writing and producing for the hit NBC sitcom The Office, Aaron received three Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series and his draft for the episode "Wuphf.com" was nominated for a Writers Guild Award. As a producer for The Office he received three consecutive WGA Award (TV, Comedy Series) nominations. His previous seven years as a writer and executive producer on the classic CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, garnered Aaron two Emmy Awards and five nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series. Everybody Loves Raymond was named 30 Minute TV Program of the Year by the AFI and recognized, along with The Office, as one of the 101 Best Written TV Series of All Time by the writers Guild of America. Aaron also wrote and produced for TV Land's Hot In Cleveland the CBS series, George and Leo and The New Adventures of Old Christine. He also wrote for Louis CK's HBO series Lucky Louie. Aaron's radio commentary has aired on WBEZ and NPR and he once performed a "Stupid Human Trick" on the Late Show with David Letterman. He has written political commentaries for The Huffington Post and mused about the trials of being an expectant father for Salon. He lives in Los Angeles with his two children, doing Smurf impersonations in his spare time and actively supporting the charity, Public Citizen which is a non-partisan foundation which serves as the people's voice in the nation's capital.

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