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Aaron Quick Nelson posters


May 25, 1981

Birth Sign



6' 1" (1.85 m)


Born Aaron Lamar Nelson on May 25th 1981 in Providence , Rhode Island . At a very early age Aaron showed strong potential in performing arts, entertainment & creative writing. Starting in elementary school, he was involved in several school plays and local theater performances. Aaron was also heavily involved in sports and before realizing that acting was his true calling, he played basketball for several minor professional leagues. Acting, writing and playing sports have been his passions throughout college where he minored in Philosophy to learn how to relate to characters & roles he was taking on. After graduating college, he decided to devote all of his time to becoming an actor and writer. Aaron consistently looks for new techniques and methods to sharpen his skills to continue to be the diversified actor that he is today. You will find Quick in comedies, dramas, action thrillers, horror movies and everything in between. As a devoted husband and father, one of Aaron's biggest goals is to be a positive role model on and off screen. read more

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