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Aaron Latta-Morissette is an American actor born to Susan Morissette, a sign-language interpreter, and Darlene Latta, a psycho-therapist. He has one older brother, Jacob, and was raised Jewish. He was born in Falls Church, VA, but moved to Rehoboth Beach, DE at the age of 7. Becoming involved in the high school theatre during his freshman year, Aaron quickly fell in love with the arts and developed an overwhelming passion for his craft. He went on to appear in every school production during his four years as a student. From auditioning on the weekends, Aaron landed a principal role in the independent film, Road Rage, at the age of 15, and an appearance on the A&E mini-series, Cursed: The Bell Witch, at 16 . Hungry to go out and gain experience, Aaron continued to audition as much as he could while still in school, and after graduating in 2016, he began his training in New York City. Aside from being in classes for nine hours a day, Aaron found a mentor-ship in his personal acting coach, Matthew James Thomas, and now works with him regularly. read more

Throughout his first year in the city, Aaron starred in several festival-bound short films, appeared in student films for more than 8 different colleges, and even got cast as the lead in an independent feature film. Upon graduating from his One-Year acting program in 2017, Aaron quickly went out to practice his craft in every way he could before beginning his training at the William Esper Acting Studio.

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