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Aaron Kunitz posters


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Aaron Kunitz was born in Tarzana, Ca and is of Russian Jewish descent on his fathers side and Scottish Christian descent on his mothers side. His acting career began at the very early age of 3.5 years when he and his identical twin brother booked the role of 'Johnny Dimera' which he played for 5 1/2 years on Days of Our Lives (1965). Aaron has worked on different shows since then and has booked many national commercials. He also loves Musical theater, singing and has been playing drums since he was 7. He is a great student with an affinity for Math and is always reading a book. He is into video games and in particular Pokémon which he loves to play with his friends and brother. His sport is baseball which he started playing a little over a year ago. Aaron loves to help and give back to families in need with a particular focus on kids.

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