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Aaron Gassor posters


May 8, 1989

Birth Sign



5' 10" (1.78 m)


Aaron Gassor is a huge internet sensation but that aside he is a humble British Martial Artist who teaches ITF Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing at his local Martial Arts and Fitness Centre (MAFC) in Maindee, Newport, South Wales. Which is a family run business with his father, Master Gary Gassor who is the chief instructor, and his oldest sister, Leanne Gassor-Jones who is also an instructor. His mother Kay Gassor and other sister Emma Gassor work as receptionists for the centre too.Even though he had a great role model in his father to take up martial arts at an early age he decided not to. However, he soon realised his mistake and found his true calling in 2005 at the age of 15. From there he climbed to his current rank of 3rd Degree in Kickboxing which he achieved on the 15th June 2013 and a 3rd Degree in ITF Taekwondo which he achieved on the 15th May 2015. Along the way he practiced and gained some experience in other styles to broaden his knowledge of martial arts. He also decided to start Tricking in April 2009 to test his abilities and have fun. read more

On 13th July 2012 he started a youtube channel called 'Ginger Ninja Trickster' to showcase his talents, see progression and reminisce at a later date. However, after a few comments on whether he could make some tutorials, he decided to make one and see what the feedback was like. He was overwhelmed by the comments he recieved and decided to continue to make them to help others who needed advice. His helpful attitude and regular replies to questions has seen his channel grow significantly over a short period of timeAaron has entered various tournaments winning championships and many medals along the way. He also represented his country at European level where the team narrowly missed out on the top prize coming in 2nd place. When he recieved the news that he was becoming a dad, he retired from competition to focus on his childs arrival. His daughter, Sophia Grace Gassor was born on the 9th October 2012. He now admits that he would not be happy returning due to his busy schedule and other commitments but who knows what may happen in the future.On 19th January 2013 he and his good friend Abbas Farid started a non-profit Martial Arts Tricking class called 'Flip Tricks'. This was to show the beauty of combining acrobatic moves with martial arts and the class has been very successful to date.Since being recognised from his channel he has been involved in various shows/events and invited to do seminars all over the world. He has also appeared in the BBC Three hit show Being Human where he was part of a short fight scene, he performed kicks and acrobatics in the music video Dr. Who! (by Tujamo & Plastik Funk ft. Sneakbo) and has starred in the first Welsh action movie called Kamikaze which is due to be released in 2015.

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