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A.J. Khan posters


June 18, 1977

Birth Sign



5' 3" (1.6 m)


Tiny (5'3"), but busty and shapely exotic beauty A.J. Khan was born Anju Jena McIntyre on June 18, 1977 to an Irish father and Indian mother in New Delhi, India. A.J. moved with her family to Phoenix, Arizona when she was a baby. Khan moved a second time to New York City at age 18 so she could pursue a career as a model, dancer, and actress. She initially established herself by working on music videos for such major artists as P. Diddy, Dead Prez, Eve, The Lox, and Bad Boy as a dancer, choreographer, and make-up artist. At age 20 A.J. did her first nude lay-out with hip-hop star Luke for the popular men's magazine "Portfolio." She went on to pose for her own solo photo shoot and eventually graced the cover of that same publication. (A.J. has also been featured in both "Penthouse" and "Girls of Penthouse.") Moreover, Khan also worked as a professional dominatrix before she began acting in low-budget soft-core movies for the independent company Seduction Cinema in 2000. In addition to her acting credits which include features for well-known S&M and fetish director Rick Savage, A. read more

J. has directed one film and worked as a make-up artist on several pictures. She was signed to Virgin Records as a member of the girl pop band the Buffalo Gals and even toured Europe with said group.

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